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Sanskrit Texts from Vedic Engineering

A very substantial collection of Sanskrit texts has been typed into machine-readable format by Vedic Engineering, and can be bought on a single CDROM. The list below gives a list of the titles which have been entered.

Consult the [full details of the texts, fonts, and software available]. Use the [order form] to buy the collection. The texts are subject to this [single-owner license].

  • Rig Veda (1.54 MB)
  • Yajur Veda Mantra SaMhitaa (0.0945MB)
  • Ashtangha Hridayam (0.942MB)
  • Bhava Prakasha (1.39MB)
  • Galita Prakasha (0.161MB)
  • Darshanas: (combined size = 0.523 MB including references)
  • (These are not complete at this point, and not available in all fonts.)
    • Nyaya (0.089MB)
    • Vaisheshika (0.097MB)
    • Sankhya (0.064MB)
    • Yoga (0.015MB)
    • Karma Mimansa (0.223MB)
    • Vedanta (.035MB)
  • Madhava Nidanam (0.191KB)
  • Ramayana (5.367MB)
  • Mahabharata (8.856MB)
  • Narada Purana (2.03MB)
  • Padma Purana (5.25MB)
  • Sharngdhara Samhita (0.447MB)
  • Sushruta Samhita (0.986MB) [small section at the end is missing]
  • Upanishads: (0.3MB)
    • Isavasyopanishat
    • Kenopanishat
    • Kathopanishat
    • Prashnopanishat
    • Mundakopanishat
    • Mandukyopanishat
    • Taittiriyopanishat
    • Aitareyopanishat (Ityaitareyopanishat)
    • Chandogyopanishat (Chandoyopanishat)
    • Brihadaranyakopanshat
    • Shvetashvataropanishat

The first 80 chapters of the Carakasamhita are also available as a separate bundle.

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